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Tan Down Under Tanning Salons

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Since day one, Tan Down Under has had a solid commitment to getting our tanners the dark tans that they desire. But we have also always had a commitment to giving them products that promote healthy skin and longer lasting tans. Hoss Products have always delivered those components at very good prices.

Our customer service personel are able to test all of the products we stock and they have nearly always picked Hoss as their favorite. This is why almost everyone has a bottle of Hoss in their bags, purses, cars, on their dressers, night stands, counters, and especially in the rooms with them when they tan. Some of the darkest tans in town are from Tan Down Under and many of those tans were acheived with the help of Hoss Sauce Tanning Products.

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Tan Down Under Tanning Salons Portland Oregon