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Why Tan?

As I go in and out of the salons I could not help but notice how dark some of our tanners are getting. Getting dark is one of the big reasons why people tan. It is unfortunate that as a persons tan gets darker it takes people other than the tanner to actually recognize it.

That is an easy to explain scenario. As your tan develops you seeing yourself all then time and what you see does not really seem to change in color. The Tanning process is not an overnight thing, developing a good tan takes time and many sessions. The gradual change goes pretty much unnoticed by the tanner.

Asking for a free sticker at the counter and then applying it before you tan is a great way for you to know how dark you are getting. When you peel the sticker off the difference before and after your session is very obvious.

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Tan Down Under Tanning Salons Portland Oregon