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The Tanning Plateau

Have you ever noticed that when you tan there are times that you seem to reach a place where no matter what you do your tan does not seem to get any darker? Well that is called a plateau and yes we all reach them from time to time. A plateau is when you feel like you've topped out, your tan is as dark as it is going to get. You look in a mirror and you look the same so you get frustrated. The first thing you say is "I'm not getting any darker it must be the tanning bed", or "I bet they don't change the lamps", and it goes on from there with you being upset about not getting any darker when in fact you simply have just reached a plateau.

Plateaus even though they are annoying are certainly not uncommon they happen to all tanners from time to time. Knowing your skin will help you understand its capabilities and that temporary stopping point or plateau. Several things that actually can help cause a plateau are a poor diet, changes in diet or medications or changes in the medications that you may be taking. Additionally your body has a way focusing on moderation in about everything you do. For instance diets, if you have ever dieted you know that you can work really hard and lose some weight and all of a sudden your body will stop losing and no matter how much you cut down or change your eating habits nothing seems to work. Your body is trying to protect you from starving by working on less calories. One of the ways you can shock a diet into working better is to trick your system and that can be done by getting off the diet for a day or two and then start again. Then when you get back on the diet the loss will again occur.

The tanning process works like that. Your skin is your bodies largest organ and it is your protective layer so to speak. You see Tanning is your skins own way of protecting you from sunburn. So the next time you reach a plateau I have a few suggestions that should help you past it fairly fast. If you are a beginning tanner a tanner with almost no color and you are starting to develop a tan and you reach a plateau, you need to step up to a little stronger lotion. If you are a professional tanner and you have found yourself using only the top end lotions then you need to purchase a beginning lotion, switch to the beginning lotion for tanning for about a week or so and then go back to what you were using and you will see nice increases in your level of color.

Some of the other things that can help a lot when you reach a plateau are switching to advanced beds, or switching advanced beds, take Tan Enhancer Pills, switch lotions. Try a tingle lotion because it will help increase the circulation at the skins surface and you will get faster results. Get a great moisturizer, preferably with a tanextenders in it to keep your skin lubricated. Soft skin tans a lot better than hard dry skin. Keep your skin moisturized whether or not you are tanning. Sometimes switching to an oil like Wow or Texas Crude instead of a lotion for awhile will help because of the magnification properties found in these tropical blend oils.

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Tan Down Under Tanning Salons Portland Oregon