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Tingle Tanning & Why

TINGLE: I wanted to take a couple of minutes to help you better understand Tingle products. First of all if you have ever used a tingle before you may or may not need this information but if you want more details or if you are a Tanner that has not used a Tingle Product before this should help you better understand what a Tingle is and what to expect when you use one.

The word Tingle is a descriptive term used for the warming sensation your skin feels when using a Tanning Product with Tingle in it. Once you apply the product you will begin to feel a slight warming sensation, your skin gets red and that is due to the increased circulation at the skins surface.

Lets try to put Tingle into perspective in order to help you better understand the process. Have you ever taken a Niacin tablet? If you have you experienced a flush to your skin from taking something orally. Now that is actually a similar sensation, only what we are talking about is the topical application of a lotion that contains a tingle so once you rub it on you will begin feeling a flush to your skins surface that will last about an hour all together. During the time you are actually in a tanning bed you only feel some warmth not the actual tingle. The tingle sensation will last about 30 minutes after your session and if you use a tingle product on a frequent basis you soon will get to the point where you barely feel the sensation at all. Something else that might help you understand what you might feel with a tingle, sportcreme of some sort, you use those items when you have sore muscles to loosen the muscles and help them feel better. A sportcreme works a bit differently, first of all it has no acceleration properties, it has tingle but slightly different in ingredients and generally the sportcremes have menthol to cool your skins surface allowing the heat to penetrate to the sore spots.

Now we have established what Tingle lotion does and by getting the circulation going better at the skins surface it will magnify the tanning results, as a matter of fact if you were to put tingle on one arm and a regular lotion on the other arm then go tanning, when you get out you will delinately see a darker tan on the arm with the tingle.

I would recommend that each of you try a tingle product at least once so that you will get an idea of what you feel, see and the results that you will enjoy so much.

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Tan Down Under Tanning Salons Portland Oregon