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Summer Sunburns Happen But Can Be Prevented:

I have talked to a number of people that are or just were nursing sunburns from being out in the river or by the pool over the 4th. Either way we do sell a product called Insurance by Cal Tan that will take the sting out of any such burn. As a matter of fact it would probably be good for you to purchase a bottle of Insurance to have at home for little burns from cooking or for those sunburns that nobody was intending to get. WOW nothing can be more miserable than a sunburn. It makes it hard to sleep, hard to sit, hard to wear clothes well I think we can agree, nobody really likes a sunburn.

Another solution for sunburns is to start tanning gradually and not try to over do the exposure that you get all at one time. Whether you do it outside or in the salon, starting out with just a few minutes exposure and every other day is smart. Increase your time gradually and you will find out that you will develop a much richer looking tan and without the pain of a sunburn.

Keep in mind that tanning in a tanning bed for twenty minutes is like two hours in the sun.

You know like most people you probably like having a tan, but do you have time to lay out in the sun often enough to develop a good tan or are you trying to develop a tan only on your day off each week? Well here is the best idea, tan indoors with air conditioned comfort and you do not have to spend hours laying out in the sun each week to get that color that you desire.

Remember to tan smart and do not burn. Wear proper eyewear to protect your eyes while tanning either inside or out. Don't forget if you are outside you need to consider using an SPF product to help you not burn. Tanning either inside or out you should think about a good moisturizer to rehydrate your skin after tanning and throughout the day everyday. By the way a moisturizer created for a tanner is good investment in your tan because it will actually extend the life of your tan and help you keep your skin soft and smooth.

If you are a person who wants to have a nice tan but does not have time to work at it during the normal week day so you try to make up for it on the weekends and then suffer the pain of trying to develop a nice tan the wrong way I have a nice idea for you. Why not plan a couple of days or evenings a week maybe after work or before work or maybe a lunch hour where you can come in and tan at the salon, it takes so little time and as you develop a nice tan you are far less likely to burn when you get a weekend in the sun. You also will enjoy what I call a 20 minute vacation in a busy day. If you are pressed for time it always pays to schedule an appointment that will all but eliminate your wait. We recommend making appointments to keep you from waiting but we also are glad to see walk-in tanners.

Here are a couple of interesting facts: People who live in places like Las Vegas or Phoenix like to tan year round inside for a couple of reasons, it can be to hot outside or they work during the day and still want to have a nice healthy looking tan. Places where you may have seen tanning salons that might suprise you a little are like Miami where you would think everyone goes to the beach to get tan or they have a great pool to relax by, most of the salons in areas like Miami see business from people who work during daylight hours or they are a tourist. Tourist you might be wondering. Think about a tourist going to Miami or a place like that and with sight seeing and busy schedules probably do not have time to tan but do not want to go home without some kind of tan... So its off to the tanning salon. I found that interesting.

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