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HOSS SAUCE® Tanning Products

2010 General Product Information

DARK: Beginning Tanners will find HOSS SAUCE DARK the ideal product to help them develop a rich base tan. Dark is an accelerator lotion very rich in moisturizers and scientifically created for the beginning tanner. Remember Dark is a great place to start for any one. 8oz. – Trial Size

SUPER DARK: Is an advanced accelerating lotion, formulated to take any tanner past the first tanning plateau. Super Dark is formulated to accelerate the tanning process while helping replenish the skin’s lost moisture. It’s texture is silky and smooth, has a pleasant fragrance and will help you develop the richer, darker tan you are seeking. 8oz. – Trial Size

GEL: Enjoy excellent results from your tanning experience with the Rich “Oil Free” feel and magnification of GEL. HOSS SAUCE GEL is formulated with the same intensity levels found in the very popular Super Dark. This GEL is a big favorite for tanners who are looking for excellent results without using oil or a lotion. 8oz.

ULTRA DARK ®: Hoss Sauce ULTRA DARK accelerator lotion is the “ULTIMATE ACCELERATORÒ” specially designed with facial strength to bring a rich, deep, dark tan to not only the face but also the entire body. This favorite formula combines intense tan enhancing abilities and maximum moisturization abilities to produce wonderful, rich results including soft, supple skin. Ultra Dark is the favorite of ten’s of thousands of tanners throughout the world. Ultra Dark is a favorite formula because of its extreme intensity, wonderful rich results and very competitive price.
8oz. – Trial Size

WOW: A tropical blend of world-class exotic oils that can best be described as WOW. Lightweight, yet rich in vitamins and minerals it is perfectly blended to help tanners develop an extraordinary tan. Wow utilizes the magnification factors of each of the many exotic oils it contains, combined to deliver almost unbelievable results. It is important to remember that soft moist skin tans better than dry hard skin. Wow is the answer for those looking for soft skin and dark tans. WOW is a necessary step in developing a beautiful dark tan. 8oz.

SILVER STRIKE®:w/Hemp A superior lotion containing ultra rich Hemp Seed Oil, SILVER STRIKE delivers phenomenal results with the addition of Hemp Seed Oil. Hemp Seed Oil is rich in omega oils, essential fatty acids and the nutrients necessary to keep your skins moisture level high enough to develop the richest darkest tan ever imagined. Silver Strike is one of the most popular tanning products on the market today. In addition this new micro formula contains vitamins A, E, natural botanicals, and anti-oxidants to fight free radical damage. Discover why so many tanners have switched to Silver Strike with Hemp on their quest to achieve the darkest richest tan possible. Silver Strike with Hemp is a formula designed to take your tan to a new depth. 8oz. – Trial Size

RANGEFIRE®: w/Hemp Scientifically formulated for the serious tanner. This lotion is designed for the tanner who has a good base tan but is looking for more. RangeFire is an intermediate level tanning lotion that is sure to help your tanner move his or her tan from its base tan level. Aloe base, excellent moisturization, and the perfect blend of natural oils and world-class tan accelerators make RangeFire the right lotion for the serious tanner. 9oz.

TEXAS HEAT®: An even more intense formula makes this well-respected, very popular lotion more appealing.

Texas size results are found when using this wonderfully rich but very intense lotion. Feel the POWER of the “HOT” Texas Sun in every drop of this rich Tanning Formula. Texas Heat is a non-tingle product with extended levels of the finest tan enhancing ingredients available. Designed and formulated to allow your body to reach the Degree of Dark that is normally found by spending many days exposed to the intensity of the Hot Texas Sun, a must for anyone looking for a great tan. 9oz. – Trial Size

COLD RUSH®:(cooling) Feel the exotic, invigorating, cooling sensation while enjoying the results of an extremely intense acceleration formula.

The silky rich feel of this great combination lotion brings the coolness of a brisk mountain breeze and world-class acceleration. COLD RUSH® is a non-tingle formula that will give you a delightful cooling effect while delivering level 6 tanning results.

Cold Rush is perfectly formulated utilizing the finest tanning acceleration and skin rehydration ingredients. This unique blend of vitamins, minerals, natural botanicals, amino acids, exotic oils and the perfect fragrance gently cools as you enjoy a wonderful tanning experience and gently cooling results. 8oz

OUTLAW®:(tingle) An excellent lotion with a mild 3X tingle. This is the perfect product for the intermediate tanner who wants to use a tingle product but has never tried one. This is the beginning tingle product in our Outlaw line of fine tingle products. In addition to featuring the “stolen tingle” OUTLAW is for the tanner who wants the best, a tanner who looks for and expects excellent results both in richness of tan color and quality of skin care. OUTLAW is a product for the professional tanner. Learn to Tingle with Outlaw. It is fantastic. 9oz.

SCORCH®: Elegant, rich, smooth and exciting are all ways you can describe this luxurious lotion that is rich in exotic oils such as Monoi and Kukui. It contains maximum levels of Shea Butter and is intense but silky to the touch. Formulated for the Professional Tanner who expects the very best. The darkest tans, finest skin care and a product that smells very good. Even more, a lotion that is rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients capable of delivering excellent skin care, erasing fine lines and wrinkles and keeping skin looking healthy and vibrant. SCORCH is the product. 9oz. – Trial Size

FIRESTAR®: with Hemp is the perfect lotion for the professional tanner with its “EXPLOSIVE STRENGTH” in a non-tingle formula. Firestar contains a wonderful blend of Anti-Oxidants, which aid in the fight against free radical damage. It has vitamins, minerals, natural botanicals and now the marvelous addition of hemp seed oil to keep your skin healthy and vibrant. The perfect blend of L-Tyrosine, Riboflavin, Melanin and exotic oils give you a wonderful tanning experience.

Professional tanners expect the best. This lotion delivers it. Firestar is formulated to propel your Tan to an all new level of Dark. 9oz., - Trial Size.

TEXAS CRUDE®:(tingle oil) Is not a dry oil, not an oil-free oil but a “real” light weight oil. Texas Crude is an ultra light and non-greasy blend of some of the finest exotic oils found in the world today. This formula combines the very popular Monoi oil and equally popular Kukui nut oil with many others. These great oils will bathe your skin in rich moisturization and when applied before tanning, will create the ability to magnify the light rays to give your tanners the most intense results imagined. If all that is not enough, this formula contains a strong tingle factor, rated at 4+. So for a real experience, a tingling experience that will give your tanners excellent results and leave their skin feeling very soft, try Crude. That’s TEXAS CRUDE®a real "tingling" oil. 9oz.

OUTLAW® 5X:(tingle)This “Most Wanted” tanning formula with a tingle rated at 5 is strong and very intense. If a tanner wants a real tingle then this OUTLAW is for them, OUTLAW 5X. Professional Tanners love it and Tingle Professionals Crave it.

OUTLAW 5X combines the best of world-class moisturizers, strongest most effective tan enhancers and the best of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to give your skin the ultimate care it deserves. This product is formulated for those with solid base tans and those professional tanners who love tingle products. It is a complete tanning experience. 9oz., - Trial Size.

ULTRA DARK 2®: An excellent non-tingle tanning product of the finest quality, the finest you will ever use. ULTRA DARK 2® is much more than just a tanning product, it is an experience that your tanners will love and be telling all their friends about. This action packed formula affords each individual excellent all over skin care and is far more intense and fast acting than any other acceleration formula. ULTRA DARK 2 is the ultimate blend of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, natural botanicals, L-Tyrosine and pure exotic oils united with perfect balance in a pure aloe base. Ultra Dark 2 is designed to give tanners far more than they ever imagined.

Digital technology has allowed perfection of this blend to make an extraordinary quality lotion. Every professional tanner knows that the right product will help their skin keep its youthful vibrant look, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, develop and maintain a world class tan while rehydrating their skin replenishing the lost moisture. Ultra Dark 2®. 9oz

OUTLAW 6X®: (tingle) This Wild “Most Wanted” Outlaw gives you a tanning formula that was created for those who are never satisfied with the average high end tingle product. They want the more. They want the best. If your tanners want more from their tanning session, more from their tanning products, more tingle and more of a tan, this is the product for them.

OUTLAW 6X® with its very luxurious silky feel, its advanced acceleration capabilities, intensified use of anti-oxidants to fight free radical damage, maximum levels of vitamins and minerals as well as a new quick absorption ability leads to a unique tanning product with extraordinary capabilities. A blend of the worlds finest moisturizers keeps skin soft and looking its best. A very powerful tingle ensures the quickest tanning results. OUTLAW 6X® is a great experience in tanning, one that your tanners will enjoy over and over. Remember it works great and smells wonderful. 9oz., - Trial Size

OUTLAW 6XXX®: (tingle) This very popular very strong tingle product has become the tingle product of choice for professional tanners throughout the world. TRIPLE X rated because it is so intense. It delivers an unusual time-release tingle allowing the tanner time to put it on and get into the tanning bed before the tingle becomes obvious. Once in the tanning bed this very strong tingle, high intensity, ultimate acceleration product begins to work and great results are soon visible. Your tanners are able to enjoy a very deep dark tan and younger looking skin because this formula was created to give your skin the vitamins and minerals needed to remain looking its youngest and most vibrant.

OUTLAW 6XXX® is unbelievably popular and has a following of very happy tanners who love tingle products and the results only the finest of tingle products can deliver.

OUTLAW 6XXX® with its very rich feel, sensuous fragrance, ultimate blend of vitamin rich anti-oxidants which help fight off free radical damage, extreme levels of tan enhancing ingredients combined in a way that will give your tanner the help needed for Increased melanin activation, intense magnification of UV light rays and the ultimate acceleration of the tanning process. In addition this Outlaw possesses a scientifically perfect blend of world class moisturizers. 9oz., - Trial Size.

OUTLAW RED HOT 6XXX Plus®: w/hemp (tingle)Like Tingle? Then you will love this very special blend of intensity and exceptional results known as OUTLAW RED HOT 6XXX Plus. Fine lines and wrinkles have met their match with the exceptional skin care offered in this one of a kind lotion available now from the Labs of Hoss. This OUTLAW Plus has a lot to offer tanners everywhere. A wonderfully rich lotion enhanced with the finest vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and all natural botanicals to deliver excellent skin care. With extreme anti-oxidant properties this Outlaw will aid in diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help you keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful youthful appearance. A very intense World Class Tingle that is far superior to any you have tried before is why Red Hot Plus is on the label. This generation of stolen tingle offers our special time-release formula; it allows tanners a delay from the time of application to the tingling process beginning. This allows the tanner time to apply this great Outlaw and get into the tanning unit before the tingle starts to warm up.

The Research and Development Team at the Labs of Hoss spends a great deal of time and resources developing the highest quality products that measure up and exceed the quality professional tanners everywhere have grown to expect from HOSS SAUCE products. With this great new lotion our R/D team believes they have created our finest product ever. They formulated many vitamins such as A, B, C, F, E and other quality ingredients such as Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Tea Tree Oil and the highest quality Hemp Seed Oil. These and many other quality ingredients were blended to not only give you beautiful results but also your skin the care it needs to stay looking its best.

You will see results that will amaze you, results that will have you going back to look in the mirror over and over, just to see for yourself. 9oz.

OUTLAW BLACK INTENSE Hot Bronzer®: (With Hemp, Bronzer, Tingle) SOME LIKE IT HOT! Introduce yourself to Hot Bronzer Black Intense Outlaw and you will keep this friend for life. Outlaw has made a name for itself over the years with the development of excellent products created by using the finest “world class” ingredients and cutting edge technology to manufacture products that will not only deliver excellent results every time but reach beyond the claims made.

Brace yourself for an incredible tanning experience with Outlaw Black Intense Hot Bronzer. Double the Heat, Sextuple Bronzer and Quadruple Skin Firming abilities will bathe your skin with moisture while warming it to a frenzy to capture the most from each tanning session. The Quadruple bronzers with the perfect addition of DHA and Black Walnut extract for added depth to your already dark tan.

Over the years we have perfected the Stolen Tingle to become a true art form and one that delivers unduplicated results. In addition our own special quadruple bronzing formula is second to none, it will also deliver fantastic results. Once you try this all new OUTLAW BLACK you will not be happy with any other lotion again. This is the very best and you will see and feel the results. This is a unique free radical fighting, skin firming anti aging formula that will help your skin maintain its finest youthful appearance. Results you will enjoy and all will see. 9oz.

OUTLAW® BLACK INTENSETM Bronzer: (With Hemp and Bronzer) Enjoy this first tingle-free Outlaw! You non-tingle fans can now enjoy all the best qualities of our famous Outlaw products. Outlaw is known for extreme tingles but with this new product with a Sextuple rich bronzing formula we thought giving our many tanners a change is a very good thing. We developed a Sextuple bronzing, quadruple firming lotion with an unbelievably complex high powered acceleration formula that will help any professional tanner reach new levels of dark faster than ever thought possible.

With the use of maximum levels of Shea Butter, Monoi Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Green Tea Extract and many complex vitamins. Results is what you will see when you give this OUTLAW a chance. 9oz

OUTLAW® BLACK INTENSE™Straight (With Hemp and Tingle)
This Straight Outlaw is for the Tingle Purist who want the best skin care and the hottest tingle. Outlaw products are known for their intense hot action, welcome this new addition. You Want Hot Tingle? You Got Hot Tingle! OUTLAW BLACK INTENSE STRAIGHT is loaded with the highest levels of tingle to give you the hottest, darkest results. Maximum levels of Shea Butter, Monoi Oil, kukui Nut Oil, Green Tea Extract and Unipertan are expertly blended into a pure aloe base to deliver this energy packed, silky smooth lotion. Loaded for results!

EXOTIC MOISTURIZER: Skin Firming and Anti-Aging formula makes this Exotic an Advanced All Day Moisturizing Lotion perfect for everyone. This is a unique World Class Moisturizer that has been proclaimed by many as the very best they have ever used. Exotic is formulated to give your skin the best of care. This Aloe based lotion that has the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed to make your skin feel soft and sexy.

If you have dry skin EXOTIC is for you. EXOTIC was formulated to be used by everyone. From the tough dry cracked hands of construction workers and mechanics to the soft pampered hands of a debutant. Postal workers, mechanics, doctors, truck drivers and our military personnel all have felt the benefits of this fantastic World Class Moisturizer.

Dry cracked skin? Exotic is the name to remember. Exotic from the Labs of Hoss. Fast results, great feeling skin and your skin feeling its best are all part of HS Exotic. Exotic for Tanners is available in a 18oz bottle with a pump and a 128oz Professional size.

EXOTIC MOISTURIZER for Tanners: Skin Firming and Anti-Aging formula with additional Tan Extending capabilities, makes this World Class Moisturizer even more valuable. The need for a good moisturizer is well known by most people but as a Tanner you are already concerned about developing and keeping a rich tan and you know that the best way to keep a great looking tan and keep your skin looking its best is to keep it well moisturized. Tanning like so many other things tends to dry your skin through lost moisture and this Exotic for Tanners is the way to put it back. Remember soft moisturized skin tans much faster and better than hard dry skin.

Exotic Moisturizer for Tanners offers Tyrosine, Riboflavin and Copper in addition to a special blend of Vitamins to help you extend the life of your tan. Exotic for Tanners is available in a 18oz bottle with a pump and a 128oz Professional size.

EXOTIC MOISTURIZER with Hemp: Skin Firming and Anti-Aging formula with the additional moisturizing capabilities of Natural Hemp Seed Oil will make your skin feel wonderful. Say goodbye to dry cracked skin, say goodbye to scaly dry skin, say goodbye to rough dry skin by using this fantastic World Class Moisturizing Lotion. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals digitally blended into a formula that is clearly the answer to your skin feeling and looking its best. Exotic for Tanners is available in a 18oz bottle with a pump and a 128oz Professional size.

EXOTIC SHIMMERING MOISTURIZER with Hemp: We added a shimmer to our very popular Exotic Moisturizer with Hemp. Now this very rich silky smooth Moisturizer, known for fast and dramatic results will leave your skin not only feeling wonderful it will also leave a very nice complimentary shimmer to highlight your features.

EXOTIC SHIMMERING MOISTURIZER with Hemp and a touch of Sunless: Describing our new Shimmering Exotic with a Touch of Sunless is easy because of its phenomenal attributes. World Class Moisturizer formulated with only the finest ingredients to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and looking its very best and now we are able to add a luxurious touch of shimmer and a hint of sunless that you will see slowly develop as
Your use of this product continues. 18oz

EXOTIC Skin Firming and Anti Aging Body Butter with Hemp: This is the perfect combination of Shea Butter, Coco Butter, THC Free Hemp Seed Oil and other vitamin rich ingredients, lightly blended to give you an excellent all over moisturizer that helps rehydrate dry skin. 8oz

DIAMOND STRENGH ULTRA DARK® w/hemp: The strength of a Diamond and the results that you would expect from Ultra Dark come together to deliver to you what could be the greatest tanning extreme acceleration formula ever. This is a pure accelerator formula that will deliver AMAZING results. Your skin will feel great after tanning because this formula is rich in Shea Butter, Monoi Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Kukui Nut Oil and Tea Tree Oil. Many vitamins and minerals were added plus the levels of Tyrosine, Unipertan and Riboflavin are second to none. You will be absolutely amazed at the results you will get from your tanning session when you use this revolutionary new anti-aging, skin firming extreme tan enhancing formula called Diamond Strength Ultra Dark. It works!

FACIAL RECOGNITION LOTION w/hemp: We recognized the fact that faces need special attention so we created the greatest facial lotion of all time. It is the perfect tanning lotion with world class moisturization with extreme anti-aging ingredients. 4oz

SPARKLING ACCELERATOR w/hemp: This Skin Firming, Anti Aging acceleration formula is designed to give you maximum tanning ability while bathing your skin in rich, healing moisture. We added just a little sparkle to call extra attention to your beautiful smooth, tan skin. You will love the results!

BRONZER w/hemp: The special formula found in Sun Sauce Bronzer provides maximum tanning ability, maximum hydration and a special addition of the finest natural bronzers available to give you instant results. You will enjoy great results from your tanning session and everyone will notice the quality of your rich dark tan. You too can be real dark!

SPARKLING BRONZER w/hemp: What a masterful combination! The finest skin care, maximum acceleration ability, maximum hydration capability along with a touch of sparkle and natural bronzers in an aloe based formula designed to bring out only the best color possible. Everyone will take notice of your deep, dark, sparkling tan.

WARM AND WONDERFUL w/hemp: There was only one way to make our maximum tanning ability better and we did it. We added the wonderful warmth of a tingle to a very extreme acceleration formula rich in vitamins and minerals which are perfectly blended with world class skin care ingredients like Shea Butter, Monoi Oil, Kukui Nut oil to create this moisture rich formula. See extreme results quickly!

MOISTURIZER w/hemp: Keep your skin as soft and supple as possible with this perfectly blended moisture rich new Sun Sauce anti aging skin firming formula. We have expertly combined the anti-oxidants needed to fight free radical damage and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles into a silky smooth aloe based lotion, adding all of the necessary vitamins, minerals and extreme botanicals to create the best moisturizer ever. Get great skin care for everyone at a reasonable price.

MOISTURIZER with a Touch of Sunless: Now the vitamin rich formula we created for our Sun Sauce Moisturizer is available with Touch of Sunless.
Bathe your body in our very intense wrinkle fighting, anti aging Moisturizer while adding just a hint of color to your silky smooth skin.

SUNLESS LOTION: Not all Sunless Lotions are created equal and once you have tried this one you will be aware of just how different this very high quality, vitamin rich formula is from the average Sunless on the market. You will enjoy excellent color from this product, a rich dark tan and fast results.

SUNLESS LOTION with Bronzers: Most people would like to see instant results from their Sunless Tan but that does not happen, as it sometimes takes several hours to see a lot of color. So we created another generation of our wonderful Sunless Lotion only this time we added the finest bronzers to be found anywhere. When you apply this fabulous lotion you will now see instant results that will only increase as the Sunless develops after the first few hours. The results you will enjoy from this one of a kind product will attract compliments from everyone you come in contact with. It is easy to use and results show quickly. Try it today!

SUNLESS SPRAY: Produces a very natural looking tan. Created for Sunless Spray Booths as well as Air Brush Systems. Our Sunless Spray delivers a very even, smooth and rich tan color with no DHA smell. This no streaking solution dries instantly without leaving your skin feeling dry. Everyone will enjoy the light, tropical fragrance. 128oz.

ULTRA DARK® SUNLESS SPRAY: Excellent results fast are what you will enjoy using our new Ultra Dark Sunless Spray for Sunless Spray Booths as well as Air Brush Systems. More DHA in a more intense formula delivers even darker results. Leaves your skin feeling good and looking dark. Very light, tropical fragrance. 128oz.


<NEW>TINGLER 900XXX Madness: A new EXTREME Tingle created for the true Tingle lover. If you love tingle products and the extreme results generated by tanning while using them then this is the ONE! New technology developed gives this formulation a true edge over any other tingle product.

Tingler is intense, Tingler is hot, Tingler delivers the finest results. Try Tingler and enjoy not only the hottest of tingles but also the skin firming, rehydration process of our proprietary blend of skin care ingredients. We used maximum levels of L-Tyrosine, Riboflavin, Shea Butter, Wine Extracts, Green Tea Extracts and Monoi Oil to insure the results you deserve. Our formulation includes many of the finest cosmetic ingredients available to help you reach the color you want and keep your skin looking its best and feeling firm. 9oz

TINGLER 900XXX 16 BRONZERS: It is insanely hot and bronzed out. We infused the hottest tingle ever with the darkest, richest bronzers to deliver the hottest reults to you. Enjoy our intense tingle--created for the professional tingler. Indulge your skin with color form the latest inovations in combining dark, rich bronzers to deliver our own special "16 Bronzers" combination. Delight in the rich color you see and the soft, silky skin you feel. 9oz



Groove on with “Cool Moon” our premium ultra-dark tanning lotion enriched with Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamins, Minerals, Shea Butter, Natural Oils and Botanicals promoting healthy-looking skin. Cools your senses and maximizes your tan with Unipertan and Tyrosine blends for the ultimate deep, dark tan. 9oz., 12-units per case.


Go “Retro Babe” with this medium hot action potion for a far out tan. Special blend of Hemp Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter promotes smooth, moist skin. Unipertan and Tyrosine blast your tan to a seductively deeper, darker bronze tan. 9oz., 12-units per case.


Hoss’ new “Ultra-Dark plus” an all new formula especially prepared to immediately enhance skin color with our new light-bronzing complex consisting of DHA and Tyrosine get your tan groovin’ quick. Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamins and natural botanicals reduce fine lines while promoting a firm younger looking dark tan. 9oz., 12-units per case.


All-natural extract of hemp seed oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamins E, C and A restore dehydrated skin. Smoothes the appearance of fine lines while providing essential fatty acids “EFA” for a youthful appearance. 18oz., 12-units per case.


All-Day Moisture lotion especially formulated for the serious tanners demanding high quality skin care with additional tan-enhancers. This new all natural blend of Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamins and Herbs blended with Tyrosine and Copper to help darken skin while maintaining moist, soft, younger looking skin. 18oz., 12-units per case.

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