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Protecting Yourself Against Sunburn:

You know Tanning is your bodies way of protecting you from getting sunburns. If you develop a nice tan it will allow you to be out in the sun longer than if you do not have a tan. So if you are planniing on going on vacation soon to one of those Sunny most of the time spots like Mexico or Hawaii it would be very advisable to get a nice tan before you go, that way when you put on that swim suit and head for the beach you won't be so likely to burn. It is very common on those sunny vacations to over do it the first day you are there, so much so that you cannot sleep that first night and you certainly do not dare go outside the next day.....hmmmmmm well that does not have to happen to you. Remember Tanning is your bodies way of protecting you from the sun.

OK OK now you can say I will just buy a good sunscreen and I won't have worry about it. That is not the best answer, oh sure you should have a sunscreen but lets take a look at what using an SPF 15 does for you. SPF 15 for instance which is really considered nearly a total block....it only allows you to be out in th sun 15 times longer than if you had none on. That then means an SPF 8 is eight times etc. Now how many times have you gone on such a trip or just to the river and maybe had a drink, or to much to eat and either fell asleep or just lost track of time and well here comes the pink....ok red. That does sound like something you have done, right?

If you are like most people and like laying by the ocean or the pool you also like to jump in and cool off occassionally, right? Ok there really is not a waterproof spf on the market although there are some that claim to be and one or two are closer than others but even those wash off depending on how long you are in the water. Now if you are using a regular spf and dive into the pool or the ocean it can be washed away quickly, then even before you get out you are being exposed to the suns rays going through the water which actually magnifies the rays and that is before you get out of the water and lay back down to enjoy the warm sun. Again what I am trying to help you with is developing a good Tan before you go is going to help keep you from burning as quickly. Then use a good SPF and before you go you might talk to us about a bottle of cooler gel to take with you in case.

OH one other thing putting on that swim suit and not being tan can be shocking not only for you but for those who might be watching you. SO work on the tan before you go out in the sun... You will be glad that you did

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Tan Down Under Tanning Salons Portland Oregon