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Is Hotter Better?

Hmmmm well when it comes to tanning outdoors, a little heat is needed to get the tanning process going. But contrary to what some might assume, more heat doesn't make a better indoor tan. Tanning lamps put out a certain amount of heat, light and ultraviolet. However the amount of heat put off by the lamps and the bed itself do not increase or decrease the amount of tan that you will get from the session. It is more about your comfort zone. Some people like cool beds and for that reason tend to want a bed that has not been used for awhile. Others like a little heat and we try to accommodate that desire with recommending which one would be the best. Then for those who like it HOT well we can help there as well.

The temperature of tanning beds can be different based on a number of different things such as where the bed was manufactured. That makes a difference because of the style of construction and use of electricity and ventilation. In the internal parts of the bed you will find such things as ballasts and other electrical or electronic parts that are used in construction and these vary quite a bit based on brand and the way the unit is constructed. A big item regarding the temperature of the bed is the number of internal bed fans and how clean the salon attendants keep them. Clean fans allow better air circulation. Cleanliness of the bed internally can make a difference as well. Then another big item is the room that the bed is in, it can be a room that has good air circulation or on that does not have as good of air circulation and that can reflect on the temperature of your tanning session. So keep in mind our Tanning Consultants can help you choose the right bed for you based on temperature, so just ask. You should enjoy your session each time you come in and that can be helped by the right temperature of you visit. HOT, cool or somewhere in between. When you get out of a hot bed and look at your skin you will think it is a lot darker than it really is but that is because of heat flush, much like the color your face gets when you run. The actual tan though darker than it was before the session is actually somewhere between what you see and what you saw before the session.

Thought it might be good to touch on the Tingle lotions as they are a bit of a different form of heat that can be classified as tan-inducing and tan accelerating. Some of you have tried Tingle lotions or oils and I am sure some of you love them and that great results that you see from using a good tingle product while there are others out there who prefer to not have that added tingle feeling. Well that is what makes this country great, you have a choice. Tingle is the word used to describe this certain form of lotion. Tingle is a nice word for it as I have heard it called other things especially by those who did not know what one would do prior to putting it on nice and heavy and getting into a tanning bed. Lets say you understand that a tingle lotion can cause a slight reddening of the skin once applied. That is actually the increased circulation under the skins surface that helps the tanning process and helps bring the melanin to the surface faster.

Now I know someone is going to say something like, what is he rambling about, Melanin....what? Well I am going to talk about melanin and what it does in a future e-mail. This time humour me with pretending to know what I am talking about.

A simple scenario about tanning with a tingle product compared to a regular non tingle lotion is that if you put some of the tingle on one arm and some of the other on you other arm and went in, tanned for a session the arm with the tingle will be darker when you get out. and many people enjoy that added heated up sensation and they also like the increased results.

One other thing the tingle that you find in the really good tingle products like Outlaw and Hoss' Hemp are created with natural blends of ingredients. Actually a big part of the vitamin B family. Yes it is safe for your face or for that matter anywhere you choose to use it. The increase circulation has been know to help complexion.

I will touch on tingle again soon but believe me if you like hot beds, you probably will like a tingle. Rememeber the tingle only lasts for about 20 minutes after the tanning session and while you are tanning you only feel the warmth not the tingle. It is a nice way to get a great tan.

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