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Eyewear is Necessary when you Tan:

Do you wear eyewear when you Tan? Does it bother you that the Tanning Consultants at our Salons ask to see your eyewear?

Well wearing eyewear is something that each of you should do after all would you go outside and stare at the Sun? Of course you wouldn't. Why wouldn't you, is it because it hurts your eyes? Is it because from the time you were very young you were taught to not look at the Sun without dark glasses? Is it because you heard it can be harmful? Well whatever the reason I am sure you agree you would not stare at the Sun without dark glasses. Well then, why would you not wear eye protection when you are tanning indoors. After all a 20 minute tanning session is comparable to 2 hours in the noon day sun.

We do not want you to feel as though you are being harrassed or put upon each time you are asked to show you eyewear before your tanning session but it really is something that is best for you. Oh I know the old, "don't tell me what to do I can make my own decisions, blah blah blah."

Yes I agree I am very much that way, I do not like to be told what to do but you know sometimes it pays to listen and this may be one of the good times. We are required by the state in Oregon to make sure that you go to your room with proper eye wear for tanning. In Washington we have chosen to operate with the same rules and guidelines as we do in Oregon after all they are good rules and policies. Oh did I mention we are members of the Smart Tan Network which is an organization that helps us with training and promotes smart tanning.

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Tan Down Under Tanning Salons Portland Oregon