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Cell Phones and the Tanning Experience

As most of you know only to well, tanning sessions are a great way to rejuvinate ones self dring a busy day as well as having the opportunitity to develop a very good looking tan and get a little light therapy. Think about that for a minute, 20 minutes where nobody can bother you or make demands on your time, no kids, no husband, no wife, no girlfriend or boyfriend, well you get the picture.

You go into the tanning room with high expectations of being able to kick back and relax. Then what happens? As you lay down on the tanning bed thinking you will hear a little music, close your eyes and well totally relax when you hear from the next room, "well I have to tell you I had so much fun last night, imagine us meeting at that club and having such a really good time, I mean who would of thought, wow you were just great, like well you know what I mean", or "I told you not to call me here I am tanning and no I am not going to get dressed and come and get you from the mall". You have all heard it haven't you? That grand CELL PHONE and the Tanner in the next room. That would be the cell phone that I make an effort to shut off when I go tanning so I do not get bothered.

Try as you may tuning out those uninvited one sided conversations can be a real difficult thing to do, no not all of them are loud enough to hear more than a few words, there are those that allow you to hear to much. Now you are asking yourself.....where is he going with this?

Cell Phones are pretty much a way of life wherever you go but often times you would just as soon not be overheard and on the otherside it is likely that many times people would rather not overhear you. In some areas of the country there are tanning salons who ask that you shut your cell phone off before you tan, some that don't just ask they require it. Well we are not going to do that at this time but I thought bringing this up regardless of which side of the phone you are on may lead to much more relaxing tanning sessions. After all we want you to have the 20 minute vacation in your busy day everytime you come to Tan Down Under.

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Tan Down Under Tanning Salons Portland Oregon