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Advanced Beds Make A Difference:

ADVANCED BEDS really do help you get GREAT COLOR FASTER! Some of you may or may not understand that concept of advanced beds but do hear our Tanning Consultants talk about them or at least ask you if you would like to try one. Many factors can go into what is an advanced bed and the actual use cost of that unit. A standard tanning bed is generally 24 lamps. Now and advanced bed may have more lamps, it may have face tanning lamps (these are lamps that help your face get a lot darker faster), some have different reflector systems, some have different UV output, some have different wattage. Ok now you might be confused and certainly I could go into describing the difference but I am afraid you might get board reading what is written. Let me tell you this if you use an advanced bed it not only can give you more of a tan but a tan that will continue to develop for a couple of days after your session and for the most part last longer in general.

I will give you a couple of my favorite advanced beds at each salon and if you feel like you would like to try advanced tanning you might think about these:
130th and SE Stark: Beds 10 and 11 are excellent units. They are very comfortable, a little wider, have tunnel shape when you are in them and that allows for more side tanning without turning, each have face tanners to help your face get darker. Bed 24 is super it has frosted acrylics that shower you evenly with light from reflector lamps that do just a super job helpy you develope a tan. It has two face lamps as well for a dark facial tan. (If you do not want to tan your face even if I cant understand why you wouldnt, feel free to turn around and use the face lamps on your feet.

11717 NE Halsey: Bed 19 is a hybrid bed it was actually designed for a very wealth entertainer some years back and we purchased it. That unit has face lamps that are great darkening lamps down the complete length of the bed on top and bottom and UVB lamps on the sides to help you develope you beautiful tan faster. Oh it has an automatic lift as well. Great tanning unit. Try it you will love it. Then there is the Standup unit that has 48 VHR lamps, those are lamps with stronger wattage and they have reflectors in them so that you develop a great tan faster. Why a standup? Well first of all it develope a tan fast with a shortened tanning time, you get now shadows because you are standing and you keep your arms above your head (dont have to it just is the way they were designed) You should try this one.

173rd and NE Halsey: Bed 33 this so nice. This Orange beauty has two face tanners and 32 lamps that are standard reflector lamps, You will see color very fast. Dark beautiful color. Also at this salon a real crowd pleaser is room #5, a wider unit with special lamps that have a facial section in them and deliver great results. Oh did I tell you this bed has more lamps than regular beds and a much wider surface. Give it a try.

In Gresham: There are a number of advanced units from the Standup to bed 20 which is one of my favorits with it two face tanners, its shoulder tanners, its side tanners, its advance fan system and great lamps. WOW you will love this one. Then another favorite of mine at Gresham is bed 19 it has a multitude of lamps, great face lamps and a shape that will help you dose off for a quick nap while tanning. Want results head to Gresham for that special advanced bed.

Now the Vancouver store actually has one of my all time favorit tanning units it has 44 lamps and is very wide, it just kind of surrounds you with those great tanning rays. It is room 19. Oh and Vancouver does have a gorgeous standup tanning unit as well. Room 11 is very popular with the bright yellow beauty and its 2 face tanning lamps and reflector lamps and frosted acrylics.....you will see fast results.

Well it cant get much better than that and I will fill you in about some of the other beds to try in future e-mails but for now, do yourself a favor go and try some of the great advanced beds for increased results FAST.

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